Welcome to my private stash of photo shoots I have done in search of young guys with uncut junk! I like straight guys and I like to see them  jerk off. It is usually the closest that a guy can get to having sex with another guy without actual sex! There is something very masculine about watching a young guy get himself off in front of you. This is a very intimate act that guys almost always do along and certainly at 18 or 19 do at least everyday! My obsession started when I first started shooting models naked. I finally got the balls to ask one hot 18 year old if he would jerk off and let me photograph him doing it. When I did it I found that the experience produced an unexpected “bond” between me and the straight model that was very sexual.

There was nothing “gay” about it because I think that the models felt that doing it was for cash it was more acceptable in their minds and they could get aroused just like they were jerking off alone in the privacy of their bedrooms. It became a connection via the camera. The camera connected me directly to the model as much as if I touched him. It is truly a unique feeling and sensation.  I am only inches away but because I am looking at him through the lens he can accept what otherwise would be totally unacceptable to him!

Shooting models became what I did for sexual pleasure. I would relive the experience looking at the photos from the shoot. I think that you can feel the same sensation I did when you view my work here on the website! I want you to enjoy each of the young straight models one at a time and just as I do get off on their raw sexual heat in this intimate photoshoots. Have fun here and enjoy all the Uncut Boyz!